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Totality Therapies

Learn the story of your body with Totality Therapies x ISHP.  Request a custom package recommendation from Brit, or book a PNOE test below.


Why Totality Therapies X ISHP?

Totality Therapies has teamed up with the Institute of Sport and High Performance to offer you objective metric performance testing surrounding movement, strength & power, and metabolic efficiency. 


"As a manual osteopathy and studying Integrative Medical Doctor, you start to understand that the body tells a story. Every aspect of the body keeps score of the old injuries, habits, and emotional distress it once faced. However, figuring out how it gets stored and impacts the body is usually my job, along with unravelling it. ISHP allows me to see just that. Through their extensive technology, I can see if my hypothesis for a client is correct or on the right track and work beyond that. For example their PNOE test is more than just a metabolism test, really it allows me to look at their nervous system, how their body responds to stress and how that is impacting other areas of the body. What is brilliant and extremely beneficial is that the client can see results as they work through recommendations given by ISHP combined with treatments by me. This is then further backed by a re-test at ISHP, as the client is seeing real tangible data that is specific to their body. Between my expertise and ISHP, the client always feels well-supported and taken care of.

The beautiful thing is ISHP is not just for athletes, it’s for the regular person who wants to make a difference in their health. ISHP has extensive technology that is great at allowing a person to see where they are and how can they improve." Brit Bird, Totality Therapies 

BOOK PNOE (RMR & AMR) & Spirometry

This package is designed for a Totality Therapies Client who's interested in understanding their;

  • Metabolic rate (personalized caloric requirements)

  • Fat Burning Efficiency

  • Personalized Training Zones

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Aerobic capacity

  • Respiratory Capability/Limitations

  • Recovery Capacity

  • Carb Burn vs. Fat Burn

& more...


This Assessment includes the following:

  • PNOE (Active Metabolic Rate & Resting Metabolic Rate)

  • Spirometry

  • 1hr Consultation for Data Review


Included in your package: 

PNOE: PNOE is a portable metabolic analyzer designed to assess oxygen usage and carbon dioxide clearance at rest and during exercise. The PNOE fit test is the gold standard of testing VO2 fitness which has a direct correlation with living a long, healthy life. This testing procedure provides a breath-by-breath analysis of how your whole body functions. PNOE determines the user's ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel, how to exercise for fitness and weight loss, how to improve the longevity of the lungs and heart and how to become the best at a chosen sport or activity.

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