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Baseline Concussion Testing

Georgian Bay Titans Rugby has partnered with Institute of Sport and High Performance to provide access to comprehensive baseline concussion testing and return to play testing to all GBTR athletes at a preferred rate. See details below. 


Titans Rugby Baseline Concussion Testing Day 

April 22, 2023

ISHP is working with Titans Rugby to offer athletes comprehensive baseline concussion testing. Sign up now to receive a comprehensive test, backed by extensively researched return-to-play protocols to ensure your safety and protection. 

*Comprehensive baseline concussion testing billable under Chiropractic or Physiotherapy 


Welcome to the Institute of Sport and High Performance, where we understand the importance of brain health in sports and physical activities. That's why we are proud to offer comprehensive baseline concussion testing to all GBTR athletes at a preferred rate, and 10% of all testing fees will go back to the club. 

Our baseline concussion testing is a thorough evaluation of your brain function before any injury occurs. It involves a series of cognitive and physical tests that assess your memory, balance, reaction time, and other important brain functions. This test provides a baseline for your brain function and allows us to compare your performance after a potential concussion.

In addition to our baseline concussion testing, we also offer return-to-play testing following a concussion. This test is essential to ensure your safe return to sports and physical activities. Our return-to-play testing involves a series of assessments to determine whether you are ready to resume activities or if further treatment is needed.

At the Institute of Sport and High Performance, we believe in providing the best care for our athletes. That's why we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure accurate and reliable testing results. Our team of expert healthcare professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal brain health and performance.

Don't let a concussion hold you back from doing what you love. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive baseline concussion testing and return-to-play testing. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with a healthy brain.

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