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A high-tech experience analyzing performance in ways you never thought possible. 

Standard Assessment Packages

All Standard Assessments are designed by our Chief Science Officer and are meant to get you to your goals, efficiently and safely.  We collect the data, do a deep dive on your results and then present them back to you or your health team in an easy to understand result-based report.



BIO-BURN is for individuals who want to lose fat safely and for good.


The results of this test will determine the speed of your metabolism, whether or not you burn fat as a primary fuel source and how to eat and exercise for fat loss.  


These insights will help you understand the importance of your metabolism and its role in fat loss, how to exercise based on personal metabolic parameters and what to eat for long lasting and sustainable results.



BIO-OPTIMAL is for individuals who want to biohack their physiology, slow down aging, embrace longevity and avoid disease.

The results of this test will determine your ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel, how to improve the longevity of your lungs and heart, analyze significant muscular imbalances, determine vision changes, assess your cognitive function and measure sleep and its impact on your overall health.

These insights will unlock an expanded view of your health in ways you never thought possible.




BIO-STRONG is for individuals who want to test their strength, power, physical performance and movement capacity.  


The results of the testing will help you identify movement deficiencies, analyze significant muscular imbalances, assess muscular endurance and analyze force production globally and at a specific joint.  


These insights will help you improve your strength, correct for unnecessary muscular imbalances, improve force production and reduce the occurrence and impact of injury so you can continue doing the activities that you love.



BIO-BRAIN is for individuals who want to slow down cognitive aging and stay on top of unforeseen changes in brain function.  


The results of the test will uncover, target and critically evaluate the brain’s core level of function and provide objective measurements that can be used as a baseline for future assessments. 



Not sure what assessment is right for you or your client/athlete?


Book a free consultation, or send us an email, and let's talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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