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High-tech and personalized performance analysis


All Signature Programs are designed by our Chief Science Officer to help you reach your goals, efficiently and safely.  We collect data, do a deep dive on your results and then present them back to you or your team in an easy to understand result-based report.



BIO-BURN is a comprehensive and ultra-personalized fat loss program where the data collected is leveraged to get you to your goals safely and efficiently without compromising your health.  


BIO-BURN gives you key insights about your metabolic function, your cellular health, what fuel sources you use for energy and how to exercise for efficient and safe fat loss.  


These insights will help you understand the importance of your metabolism and its role in fat loss, how to exercise based on personal metabolic parameters and what to eat for long lasting and sustainable results.



BIO-OPTIMAL is designed for individuals over 55 who want an ultra-personalized health program leveraging world-class science and technology. 


BIO-OPTIMAL gives actionable insights to unlocking an expanded view of your health through cognitive health testing, balance and movement capability screening and grip strength testing.  


This program gives metric-based results to help target and unlock key measures of neurological and brain function, reduction of injury and falls and overall improvement of strength so that you always perform at high levels, slow down aging, embrace longevity and avoid disease. 



BIO-STRONG is for individuals who want to avoid unnecessary injuries or rehabilitate current injuries by testing their strength, power, movement capacity and overall physical performance.  


BIO-STRONG will objectively identify upper and lower body movement deficiencies, analyze significant muscular imbalances, assess muscular endurance, and analyze force production globally and at a specific joint.   


These insights will help give you the tools necessary to improve your strength, correct for unnecessary muscular imbalances, improve force production, and reduce the occurrence and impact of injury so you can continue doing the activities that you love. 



BIO-BRAIN is offered to individuals or athletes who want a comprehensive baseline concussion assessment.  

BIO-BRAIN incorporates several assessments targeting the head, neck, eyes, balance & cognition that will give the athlete a solid baseline of performance metrics prior to an unforeseen concussion injury.  

The results of this testing will be collected, saved and used as a guide following injury to effectively and efficiently manage concussion and create a safe return-to-play strategy for the athlete.  

ADD-ON: Incorporates all components of the Baseline Concussion Test and adds a cognitive health assessment (VoxNeuro Cognitive Health Assessment)



Not sure what assessment is right for you or your client/athlete?


Book a free consultation, or send us an email, and let's talk about how we can help you.

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