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Mosele Muscle

Mosele Muscle has partnered with the Institute of Sport and High Performance (ISHP)!

Through this partnership our collective goals is to empower you to achieve your fitness goals safely and efficiently through the use of ISHP technology and Eron’s awesome fitness program!

Mosele Muscle & ISHP Partnership

What Eron said about his experience with ISHP? 

"My experience both working with ISHP and doing the testing has been extremely positive. ISHP has a warm and welcoming community that makes you feel right at home. The tests created by Dr. Scott are well-designed and provide detailed and accurate results. These results have helped me better understand both my personal and my client’s fitness levels as well as identify areas in my current training that need improvement, such as incorporating interval training into my cardio. Additionally, the process was super easy, convenient and fun!" 

With ISHP’s help, Eron has designed two specialized Mosele Muscle training programs: 

OPTION 1:  Mosele Metabolic Program

This program will show you:

1.  How your metabolism functions (fast, slow) 

2.  How many calories you burn at rest and what your primary fuel source is (fat or carbs) 

3.  How much lean muscle tissue you have and what you need to eat to lose fat while maintaining your lean body mass 

4. What your macros should look like down to the grams (protein, carb, fat) to promote fat loss and maintain lean body tissue

Program Details:  

  • Body Fat Measurement Test 

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test


Cost:  $219 + Tax


OPTION 2:  Mosele Metabolic & Strength Program


Similar to the Mosele Metabolic program this program gives you the same insights as Option 1 alongside an enhanced muscle strength and imbalance test.  You will not only get a comprehensive outlook of your metabolic health, but you will learn of any strength imbalances your body has. Once we know your weakness, leave the rest to me!


Program Details:

  • Body Fat Measurement Test

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test 

  • Isometric Testing (Body Imbalance Test)


Cost:  $369 + tax


ALL MoseleMuscle clients receive an additional 10% discount!

The cost of this assessment can also be covered by most extended healthcare plans. 




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