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Live Life Fit

Elevate your training with Live Life Fit x ISHP. Below are links to book. Get ready to smash your goals!



ISHP is coming to Live Life Fit in Thornbury on April 15, 2023 for a metabolic testing day! ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE, save your spot now!


Live Life Fit X ISHP

We want to help you get the most out of your training. That's why Live Life Fit has teamed up with the Institute of Sport and High Performance to offer you objective metric performance testing surrounding movement, strength & power, and metabolic efficiency. 

"As a coach, ISHP has helped me gather important data for my athletes so I can customize and optimize programs based on their results and specific sport. ISHP has also helped me personally as a CrossFit athlete. The Endurance test,  helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, helped me understand my recovery zone heart rates and zone 2  hear rates much better in order to optimize my training." Bruce Young, Live Lift Fit

Book your Sport Specific Testing session and receive an in-depth assessment of your performance. Live Life Fit  will collaborate with experts at ISHP to analyze the results and design a customized training program tailored to your unique needs.

Downhill Ski Specific Testing

For Skiers who want to explode out the gates, cut down air resistance, ski faster and with confidence, decrease their edge angle, and reduce their risk of injury.   


The athlete will receive key performance measurements from the two-day Downhill Skiing Specific testing that will help them strengthen, stabilize their core, increase their power, increase their aerobic and anaerobic endurance, improve their coordination and motor skills, balance, and mobility so they are well-trained and ready to sustain performance in a demanding and competitive environment.


Baseline concussion testing is recommended in addition to this package.  

Golf Specific Testing

For the golfer who wants to increase their drive distance, improve their putting accuracy, improve their range of motion, perfect the sequence of their swing and putting motion and improve the acceleration and deceleration (timing and accuracy) of your stroke.  


The results of the golf-specific testing, will provide the athlete with objective measurements to improve their fitness, flexibility and range of motion, coordination, power and strength, speed, as well as lower their risk of injury to increase their athletic readiness on and off the golf course.

Tennis Specific Testing

For Tennis players who want to improve footwork, approach, rally, and reflexes, optimize body composition, and increase versatility.


The Tennis Specific testing is conducted over two days, and the results will provide the athlete with objective measurements to enhance their aerobic and anaerobic fitness, flexibility, agility and coordination, power and strength, speed, and mobility as well as lower their risk of injury to improve their athletic readiness for practice and competition.


Baseline concussion testing is recommended in addition to this package.

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