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About Us

Dr. Lauren Karatanevski, Dr. Scott Christie and Brianne Kocken (Hanson) are passionate about health, the proven science behind human performance and the role of technology in the future of medicine.  Together they co-own the Institute of Sport and High Performance.




Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Lauren received a full athletic scholarship to the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in springboard and platform diving.  She obtained an honours degree in Exercise and Sports Science.  


Over two decades as a high performance athlete, she reached performance levels and athletic achievements that include:

  • 4-time National Springboard and Platform Championship Medalist

  • First North Carolina diver in history to compete in the World Championships

  • 2007 FINA World Aquatic Championship participant (Melbourne, Australia)

  • 2008 FINA World Cup/Olympic Trials participant (Beijing, China).  


Over the past 30 years, Scott has functioned in a variety of roles that include Chiropractor, Sport Scientist, Coach, Certified Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Teacher and Athlete.


He spent several years as an educational instructor for the Sport Performance Institute and was responsible for teaching, educating and certifying many of today’s personal trainers. His high professional standards and determination to constantly help others has afforded him the opportunity to work with several elite teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlies, Canadian National Rowing Team, and the Canadian National Sledge Hockey Team. In 1998 he was named the Special Olympics Coach of the Year.  


Over the past 3 years, Scott is regarded internationally as the leading expert in perfecting strength and conditioning program designs for competitive World-class Cheerleaders.

Dr. Scott is also a published author.  His research entitled "Cross-frictional therapy and stretching for the treatment of palmar adhesions due to Dupuytren's contracture: a prospective case study." is published in the Journal of Manual Therapy.


Brianne Kocken (Hanson) is an athlete, entrepreneur, and visionary.  In just under 6 years Brianne has become the founder & CEO of Cheer District (est. 2017), owner and operator of CheerCore Inc. (subsidiary of Cheer District), and now co-owner of Institute of Sport and High Performance. 


To live in a world where people can perform the activities they love for the rest of their life and not be hindered by injury or varied industry standards.

Our Vision

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